1. Dos Logos
Author: R., N.
Format: application/http
Subjects: ISBN:9783899550559, 444 pages, 24 x 19 cm, full colour, linen hardcover, bilingual German / English
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2. Forest Ecosystem Processes
Format: text/html
Subjects: research institutes, forests, Switzerland, forest ecology, air pollution
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3. Architecture Now ! 5
Author: Philip
Format: application/http
Subjects: ISBN:9783822818107, 576 p, 19.6 x 24.9 cm, paperback, English/French/German
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4. International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
Format: text/html
Subjects: organic farming, teaching materials, international organizations
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5. House Design
Format: application/http
Subjects: ISBN:9783937718064, 384 pages, 18 x 23 cm, Hardcover, English - German - French - Spanish - Italian
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6. Grid Systems in Graphic Design
Author: Josef
Format: application/http
Subjects: ISBN:9783721201451, 176 p, hardcover, English/German
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7. Gerhard Richter. Landscapes
Author: Dietmar
Format: application/http
Subjects: ISBN:9783775791014, 128 pages, Hardcover, English (German edition available 3-7757-9105-1)
Cover image of Gerhard Richter. Landscapes
8. Mierta und Kurt Lazzarini
Author: Iso, Hubertus
Format: application/http
Subjects: ISBN:978-3-907631-81-2, 80 pages, 127 colour and 19 b/w illustrations, 22,5 × 29 cm, paperback, bilingual German/English
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9. Diamonds and Bars. The Art of the Amish People
Author: Florian
Format: application/http
Subjects: ISBN:9783897902626, 215 pages, 160 colour illustrations, 30,5 × 29,5 cm, hardcover, text in English and German.
Cover image of Diamonds and Bars. The Art of the Amish People
10. Beyond Graphic design
Author: Fons, Christof
Format: application/http
Subjects: ISBN:9783874397414, 388 pages, 16,5 x 23 cm, Hardcover + DVD, German/English
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