Title: Understanding Local Authority eProcurement Developments: A Pocket Guide for SMEs
Online: http:/­/­www.­rural-observatory.­eu…
Creator: Ceri Evans
Publisher: Ceri Evans
Type: narrative text
Languge: en
Format: PDF Documents
Date: 2010-03-15
Description: This pocket guide helps SME suppliers to understand more about Local Authority eProcurement developments and what to do when "invited" into the world of eProcurement.
Coverage: United Kingdom, wales, WEST WALES AND THE VALLEYS, EAST WALES
Subject: Administration and legislation, Economics, development, and rural sociology
Identifier: http://www.rural-observatory.eu/dtoView.htm?id=16
Source: Ariadne
Rights: This resource can be freely accessed and reused. Intellectual copyrights are retained by Rural Inclusion