Title: Let's Talk with Randy Davis about Photographing Weddell Seals from Below the Ice
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Description: Randy Davis is a marine biologist who made a major contribution to the study of Weddell seals in Antarctica. Weddell seals spend about 90 percent of their time submerged, making them a tricky animal to study. Davis developed a special camera to study the seals. This in-depth profile takes a look at Weddell seals in Antarctica and of how scientists monitor them. In the question and answer profile Randy Davis answers nine questions, such as what he has discovered about the seals, what his camera allows him to do, and what he likes about working in Antarctica. He also describes some of the Weddells' adaptations and tells how they are different from other seals.
Subject: Environmental science
Earth science
Physical sciences
History of science
Space sciences
Identifier: http://www.amnh.org/education/resources/rfl/web/antarctica/i_davis.html
Source: Ariadne

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