Title: Agreement on agriculture
Multilateral trade negotiations on agriculture - A resource manual II: Agreement on agriculture
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Description: Module 1 : The objective of this module is to provide a brief overview of the basic provisions of the Agriculture Agreement on domestic support and commitments undertaken by developing countries in this area, in order to assist them in identifying issues of concern in the upcoming negotiations on agriculture. Module 2 : The objective of this module is to summarize key issues that need to be taken into account by countries in reviewing their bound tariff levels, given the possibility that they may have to reduce these rates further in the next round of negotiations. Any rules agreed will also apply to other countries and will influence export market access. How developing countries might evaluate proposals to reduce bound tariffs in developed countries from the point of view of improving export market access is examined in Module II.4. The issues outlined in that module should be considered together with the implications of different bound tariff structures for itself as outlined in this module by each country. Module 3 : The objective of this module is to provide basic information concerning the provisions on export subsidies under the GATT and the Agreement on Agriculture and to summarize the experience so far in this area. This module also discusses related issues in the context of the next round from the standpoint of the developing countries, particularly net food importers.
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