Title: Dynamics of a system of rational higher-order difference equation
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Creator: Banyat Sroysang
Type: Article
Languge: en
Date: 2556-10-08T06:35:07Z
Description: We focus on a system of a rational m-order difference equation xn+1=(xn-m+1)/(A+ynyn-1yn-m+1), yn+1=(yn-m+1)/(B+xnxn-1xn-m+1), n=0,1,., where A,B,x0,x-1,.,x-m+1,y0,y-1,.,y-m+1∈(0,∞). We investigate the dynamical behavior of positive solution for the system. © 2013 Banyat Sroysang
Subject: Difference equation
Rational higher-order
Identifier: http://dspace.library.tu.ac.th/handle/3517/6709
Source: Thammasat Digital Library